Workshop proposal form for the Openness in Animal Research: A Conference to Celebrate a Decade of the Concordat. 2 -3 May 2024, West Midlands, UK

Thank you for your interest in submitting a workshop for consideration.

Submission for this meeting has now closed.

Workshops should be education driven and provide practical examples of activities that support openness. The conference is intended to provide a learning opportunity for anyone with a professional interest in openness, so instead of focusing on why openness is important, we want to provide case studies and practical advice, encouraging attendees to implement change within their organisations.

Examples can include but are not limited to: Use of new media including websites, podcasts, videos, and social media; traditional media engagement; internal engagement; public engagement, and countering opposition. We are also interested in how the harms and limitations, as well as the benefits, of animal research have been communicated within these activities.

Workshops will be run in parallel, with a maximum of 3 workshop sessions running at once.

Submissions will be selected on originality, potential impact, communication, learning and education. 

Workshops will be run as 50 minute or 1hr 50 minute sessions.
Audience interaction is actively encouraged within your workshop programme.
This may be via polling, white board, or an app-based application where participants are asked to use their smart device or group working.
Sessions will in a cabaret or boardroom style format.

Deadline for submission | Monday 25 September 2023
Applicants notified of outcome | Monday 23 October 2023